hero enterprise. Connectivity & white-label as a base for a strong platform

At hero enterprise all components are connected and White label is available. Only this way you can achieve a strong and individual platform. Your company, your customers, your processors/sales-network comes first. Multi-Language. Multibrand. Multicountry.

web. Our online portal. A strong appearance towards end customers.

More than 80% of the consumers educate themselves before they purchase a product or award an order online, about prices, products and providers. With hero enterprise we offer a platform for long lasting success and that the topic online customers can become a more exciting and more profitable distribution channel. Start your customer journey with a strong wide coverage portal.

saas. Our sales software. A tool for sales operation. Easy, digital, efficient, mobile.

The sales software is a important component of hero enterprise. It doesn’t matter if your sales network consists of 50 or 50000 companies. If you want to professionalize and digitize your processes in this network , your network will need a cloud based, efficient sales solution. The interfaces play a big role and the saas solutions can be connected to any system (Salesforce, SAP, etc.). Other interfaces are implemented by default.

login. White label login for your end customer.

Link your CRM and your sales network with the person, who settles the buying decision. Over a personified login you can contact your end customer in the early stages of a buying decision and allows you to communicate digital and to assist your customers. Data exchange and communication with your and customers will be more efficient, digital and with that enjoyable.

crm. The network sales CRM. Digital exchange with the end customer. Connected with the saas solution for sales associates.

At hero enterprise all components are connected and are available as white label. The only way to achieve a strong and individual platform. Your company and your processor/sales network comes first! Manage your end customers and sales network in one solution- this way you have a standardized picture and access to your customers. Analyze and optimize your internal sales employees regarding their activities and performance. Offer global information, so that your sales network with end customers offers optimal appearance and communication.


Start up

Suitable for all lead Genes & Commision Gene models. For start ups, that want to operate to 100% final after 4 weeks. For all companies that don’t want to finance an expensive IT department.


or General contractors, tradesman, Wholesaler and all SMEs that work with sales and distribution networks or coordinate process networks and those who want to portray the complete customer journey.


For Manufacturers of products in 2- or 3- stages distribution that want to integrate closer into the customer journey and want to prepare their customer network with digital and efficient processes for the upcoming challenges.


Craftsman market

The craftsman are fragmented and embossed by the traditional and partly analog structures. More than 500,000 craftsman companies in germany are standing in front of the challenge of digitization. Manufacturers, tradesman and craftsman companies should question theirselves, how will the market look in 5 years. hero enterprise the ideal product, to help a strong project team to master these upcoming challenges, even international.

Medical market

The medical market is embossed by outdated distribution structures and shows first signs that products are also a demand online. Settled doctors but also care facilities and hospitals are standing in front of a huge change regarding the way how information and products from manufacturers and distributors will reach their destination. hero enterprise offers a digital infrastructure, that will help companies master the change.

Energy supplier

Energy suppliers are experiencing the change from energy producer to energy service provider. The current depth of customer relationships are often not enough, to operate to be profitable on a long range. Renewable decentralized energies and also new mobility strategies require a realignment regarding digital sales channels and closer cooperations with regional process networks. Hero enterprise offers the perfect solution.

About us

More than 12 million visitors on our own platform.

Experience and success are the base for our PaaS solution. The company of a agile platform is worth more than 12 million visitors and a sales network with more than 1000 associates is the strong base, for what we can offer and that is the best platform for third parties. We identify the problems and offer solutions. For our own platform and our PaaS offer for third parties.


Analysis & setup

We analyze together with our customers the status quo and goals to prioritize which components from hero enterprise are used for the setup to start.The installation of the different components doesn’t take longer than 2 weeks and you will find a close collaboration with the project team of the customer. We define analysis and integration as an agile, joint project, with the goal to share as much know how as possible with the individualized software.

Migration & onbaording

Professional data migration, the onboarding for employees and also the sales network from our customers is a central element and a big part of a cooperation. The acceptance regarding new digitization tools is a huge challenge for our customers, but we work close together to master these challenges. migration- and onboarding processes are individually coordinated, the integration of specific interfaces from customers to different software solutions (SAP etc.) is no problem and is a part of the migration process.

Live-operation & support

In the operation the personal project team stays a close associate of our customers. 1st level and 2nd level support and also permanent process optimization is a standard instrument of a cooperation. Employee trainings or the sales network of our customers are online and on site available. We know that digitization projects are more successful when all employees use the digital tools to their potential and have mastered efficient processes. Together with our customers we face the challenges ahead and see a project as completed when we have reached a satisfactory result.

One platform
All advantages

hero enterprise is the optimal solution for companies that want to connect and and build up their internal CRM, online portal and their sales network for end customers.

  • 100 % White label solution
  • One platform- 4 solutions
  • Your customers in the centre
  • Strengthen digital processes
  • No need for an IT team for creating the platform
  • Tech- and process innovation from germany
  • Multibrand
  • Multilanguage and multicountry
  • Benefit from SEO experience
  • Strong project team for every implementation

saas. An universal sales tool for all markets.

Customer management with integrated sales assistant.

Care for contacts with integrated CRM for clear management of all projects in the sales pipeline. saas is not only for the contact care with detailed history there but also has an automatic reminder for appointments and a clear task tool. Forgotten customer appointments, chaotic task assignments and unstructured processes are long gone with saas.

Offers & invoices: Easy and efficient with drag & drop.

Professional offers, invoices, assignments, reports and etc. with an individual layout that is created easy and efficient in a few minutes and is sent in a few seconds. Easy routines for item import and also a lot of industry-specific standard interfaces for optimal data handling are already integrated. Live margin calculation & post calculation raise the transparency with the creation of an offer.

Employees and resource manager. Everything at a glance.

Management of all employees, contract management, absence management (Illness, home office, vacation, etc.) on a employee level. Automated time tracking is available on your desktop or per mobile app (over geo tracking) or manual available. The organization and the assignments of tasks with message possibilities over different channels that assure clear view, even with very complex projects with a lot people involved. All employees and resources are all shown in a management board are also manageable there. Days, weeks, months and years are all visual possible.

Finances & bookkeeping.

Digital management of all invoices and receipt documents. Export interface for the transfer of data directly to your tax consultant with default APIs. Thus hero saas can enable a clear and easy bookkeeping.

Apps: With android and iOS all data and important tools all mobile.

Android and IOS app for mobile working. Availability for all relevant data for on the run. Very practical picture tool for on site and automatic picture synchronization with the cloud software. This way your employees are always up to date and can look up information in their office. Time tracking is manual and automatically available with geo fencing and minimizes your effort of the payroll. Creation of assignments on your mobile with digital signing available. This enables the mandatory of an assignment on site with the customer. Fast start for your communication (mails, sms, telephone) & navigation enables a faster and a more pleasant experience for working on your mobile.


Find your optimal digital solution with us.